Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Almost an O. Henry Christmas

I posted a few Christmas pictures on Flickr, but I'm about over the holiday hoopla now. The weather was so awful Christmas night and yesterday--cold rain mixed with snow--that a drive to look at lights didn't seem appealing. I was disappointed because Neargem told me about some elaborately decorated houses in the area. Now I'm just looking forward to taking decorations down and getting my house straightened up.

I do have one funny Christmas story that's a little O. Henry-ish. Well, it's missing something to create the perfect twist, but it's close. Daniel came back from his dad's last Saturday morning carrying a huge box with a teeny-tiny, limp bow stuck on top--no wrapping paper, just a cardboard box. "What in the world is that?" I asked. He beamed and said "It's your surprise!" His dad pointed out the holes in the sides (meant as carrying handles) and said "Don't worry. We cut some air holes." Hmmph. Very funny.

Daniel made me wait to open that box last on Christmas Eve, and I was shocked to find a microwave oven inside. About a month ago, I was cleaning the inside of my ancient microwave and mentioned that it's 11 years old, and I'd like to get a new one. Then I didn't give it another thought, except I guess I told my mom on the phone that I'd love one that's smaller and stainless steel because the white one I have always looks a little dingy. I suspect I'm too lazy to own white appliances.

Anyway, Daniel told me excitedly that his dad's neighbors had bought a new microwave and wanted to sell this one, even though it's only a year old. He said he got "such a deal" (heh) on it and even cleaned it himself and made sure the instruction manual was included. (Yes, I'm still reeling at the realization that he CLEANED something himself, with no prompting.) However, this thing is enormous--I could microwave a side of beef in it--and, unfortunately, white. Daniel was so tickled with himself, however, that of course I didn't say that.

A little while later, I called my parents to wish them Merry Christmas. My mom asked what Daniel got me, and I described the book on Celtic traditions and the Seinfeld DVD. When I mentioned the microwave, she exclaimed "Oh, shoot!" "What?" I said. She told me she had bought me one for Christmas AND--of course--it was a nice, compact model in stainless steel with black trim. Arrrrghhhhh!

My mom understood that I couldn't turn down Daniel's microwave, however, and said she'd exchange hers for something else. A cute little microwave in shiny stainless steel would have been nice, but every time I use the big white one, I'll be reminded of how much my son loves me. It's the best Christmas present I've ever gotten.